Let them Eat Bugs

If memories of school dinners make your stomach turn, you may wish to be grateful that you no longer languish in what passes for the UK’s full time education system. Primary school children could soon be offered a course of insects as part of their daytime meals “in order to help the environment”.

According to GB News:

Four primary schools in Wales will be piloting a scheme educating children on “alternative proteins” from sources such as insects.

Crickets, grasshoppers, silkworms, locusts and mealworms will all be discussed with children in Pembrokeshire, with the view of potentially offering them as an alternative protein.


Insect farms are believed to emit 75% less carbon than traditional livestock.

This, no doubt, is a prelude to inducting a bug-based diet to the rest of the population as part of the so-called “Green Industrial Revolution” – that utopian vision of a future free of things we should apparently do with out, such as carbon dioxide and civilisation.

Whether insects and the like are either an “adequate” or even a “good” source of nutrition in a technical sense is beside the point. I am even happy to accept that, according to the report, there are already over “30 parts of bugs in every 100g of chocolate…bread, fruit juices, hops.” Fine. What bugs me (pun intended) is this: there is no reason on God’s green earth to impoverish ourselves with an “alternative protein” source solely because of the unfounded climate hysteria of the urban, liberal left. We should in no way accept the alleged “necessity” of shoving aside the delights of a juicy joint of beef or a bulging breast of chicken simply because of the misidentification of carbon dioxide as a dangerous pollutant.

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