Platinum Platitudes

The Fuss over the Jubilee

Britain has spent the long weekend partying in honour of Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, the only occasion on which such a milestone has been reached. Ordinarily, our cultural leftist establishment and mainstream media tend to regard Britain’s history, traditions and patriotism as either an embarrassment or an active target for denigration. Her Majesty, however, seems to be spared much of this vitriol; instead, we cling onto her as a vestige of pride in an era struggling to find little else to celebrate.

And yet, indeed, one has to wonder precisely what it is that we were supposed to be celebrating.

The first half of Elizabeth’s reign was a long slide into a massive, socialist experiment: widespread nationalisation of key industries, a cradle-to-grave welfare state, and a full embrace of the so-called “Keynesian consensus”. The infliction of these diseases produced nothing other than the “sick man of Europe”, marked by sluggish growth, high taxation, inflation, industrial strife, the three-day week and an IMF bailout.

The second half saw us us hollowed out into a garrison of the neoliberal, globalist-corporatist empire, accomplished in tandem with the decimation of the manufacturing industries in favour of a consumer/services based economy. Our social and cultural life is now crippled by the cancer of wokeness, an agenda set by a bare handful of urban liberal fanatics.

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