Parallel Networks = Echo Chambers?

Part and parcel of the effort to resist and reverse the present onslaught of technocratic tyranny is the fostering of parallel networks, the aim being to achieve a decoupling from channels that are under the control of the state and corporate behemoths. In the realm of free speech, this includes the setting up of alternative platforms such as Gab, Parler, Truth Social and others.

It is not unusual, however, to see this effort referenced as a drive towards creating “echo chambers”, in which those of different persuasions end up confined, in silos, to their own, individual discussion forums (see here for a recent example). Indeed, part of the rationale for Elon Musk’s (presently suspended) deal to purchase Twitter was to open it up as a “town square” in which everyone can exchange ideas in the same place.

While this risk remains a possibility, it seems to me to be overstated.

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