Our Enemies are Not United

The enforcement of draconian COVID-19 lockdowns, vaccine mandates and vaccine passports – together with the resulting economic catastrophe from which we are now reeling – has alerted many people to the likely nefarious agendas of our governing authorities. It has been difficult to conceal the fact that the wholly disproportionate response to what, in effect, was a relatively mild affliction, has served as a mere prelude, or opportunity, to achieve massive societal transformations in an increasingly shorter space of time.

Further, the uniform, lockstep nature in which many of these developments has arisen has suggested the existence of a global conspiracy to purge society of all remaining freedom while locking us in an effective digital prison under the aegis of a single world, governing authority. A prime candidate for the source of this conspiracy has been the World Economic Forum based in Davos, Switzerland, which has never been short of candour in its willingness to co-opt any real or imagined disaster – COVID-19, inflation, “climate change”, energy shortages – as opportunities to progress with their plans for a “Great Reset” and “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

I have explained in a number of longer articles why there is motivation to achieve these kinds of transformation at this particular juncture in history, and, moreover, in the shortest possible time. In a nutshell, the present global, political and economic order is crumbling, and the various beneficiaries of that order are keen to ensure that their power is retained in any transition to a new order. There is, therefore, no reason to deny the existence of these plans, especially not when they are published in plain English on the World Wide Web.

What I do disagree with, however, is any acquiescence to the notion that the enemies of freedom form some kind of global monolith, devoid of any competing interests and priorities amongst themselves. Indeed, in referring to these threats, it is typical to speak of “global elites”, “billionaires”, “the string pullers”, “shadow government”, “deep state” and so on. While these terms are fine as colloquialisms – indeed, I use them myself in the current environment – any careless, clichéd deployment can also lend the impression that we are always referring to one, unitary body; that the members of this body are all in perfect agreement to not only enslave you but also with regards to the precise methods in which you should be enslaved, and to which ends.

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