“Fed Up with Politicians?”

[An article from Free Life]

Such was the title of a political leaflet received through my door last week.

Readers familiar with my work on this blog will know that I place little faith in the mainstream, political process as the primary means of achieving a freer society in the UK. There is no point in trying to grab control of the system when it is the system itself that is rotten.

Nevertheless, this leaflet – from an organisation called “NotLibLabCon” – caught my eye for three reasons.

First, the leaflet is clearly written from a right-leaning, pro-freedom perspective, listing political priorities such as:

  • Sensibly sized government
  • Strong borders
  • Individual choice
  • Stopping mass surveillance
  • Freedom of speech
  • Balanced budget
  • Low inflation

Even political outsiders in this country tend to taint otherwise agreeable ideas by making obeisance to the NHS or to enforced “fairness” in this, that and the other. No mention of either was a good reason to save this leaflet from my rubbish bin.

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