When comparing the US with the UK (and, more broadly, Europe) it is often remarked that the latter is more social democratic or “left-leaning” than the former which still, at least, has managed to preserve more of the capitalist spirit of free enterprise and self-reliance. To a great extent this is true and certainly Britain seems to be crippled more by the weight of the state on its shoulders than is its ally across the Atlantic.

Nevertheless there is one aspect of British attitude that is more conducive to liberty than the American attitude – that the British have absolutely no love whatsoever of politicians. Even before the scandal over parliamentary expenses a few years ago, it would be very unlikely that a British politician would draw a rally for the sake of being who he is, unlike the crowds that accumulate for American presidential candidates, for example. Just a typical glance at BBC News “Have your Say” facility will reveal that politicians are viewed as lying, self-serving crooks and this opinion comes from all sides of the political spectrum.

It may not amount to much, of course, but, optimistically, it might well be the start of the identification of the “political” or the “tax-eating” class as distinguished from the “tax-paying” class – that there is a parasitic class of persons that sponges, scrounges and plunders from the remainder. Such an identification is vital if one is to understand that true nature of the state and its participants, that it seeks only to benefit itself and provides no benefit at all to those on whom it leeches. A weakening of the grip of the state cannot be achieved unless and until it is firmly identified as being, like oil and water, separate and apart from the populace and not part of it. The idea that “we are all the Government” must be firmly rejected.

However, it also seems to be the case that people still, generally, perceive that the problem with Government is the specific people in charge rather than the institution itself. Not until there is a realisation that whoever populates the Government is irrelevant and that they will all behave in the same way (with one or two exceptions that tend to confirm the rule) will there be much hope of wrestling the UK free from the power of the State. Pro-liberty minded UK citizens should concentrate their efforts in this direction.

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